Flowcharts & Forms


The flowcharts listed below have been designed and implemented by the Borough Council in recognition that major projects often require multiple permits and it can be confusing and difficult for the homeowner to meet all the requirements in an organized and efficient manner when working  just with the information on the Borough of Bear Creek Village website. It is the sincere hope of the borough council that these flowcharts will make the process a little easier.

The permits listed below are required to assure that all future development is compliant with state law, and Borough Ordinances and that it will contribute to the continued positive development of our beautiful community. If a permit is required, it is not optional and you may not start work on a project until all required permits have been obtained. For questions you may always contact the Zoning Officer, Mike Harostock as follows: mharostock@gmail.com or 570-430-8414.

NOTE: Underlined words in the webpage, flow chart and permit lists below are links to the webpage, flowchart or permit.

Type of permit


Stormwater Management



UCC Required Building Permits

Permit Forms and Fees 

NOTE: The following forms and fees are described further on other pages. Please click on Zoning Requirements, Driveway Requirements, Building Requirements, Sewage Requirements and Stormwater Management on the above Services and Requirements menu for additional information.