Open Burning Regulations

Open fires are permitted as long as they comply with the guidelines and restrictions set forth in Ordinance No. 1 of 2019, the Open Burning Ordinance. The guidelines and restrictions are based on the requirements of the 2015 International Fire Code and are consistent with Pennsylvania State Law. Major provisions of the Open Burning Ordinance as they pertain to recreational fires and fires to burn yard and household wastes are summarized below. For additional detail, the full text of the Ordinance may be reviewed by clicking on the Ordinances Link found under the Documents menu above.

Recreational Fires

Small fires set for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking or similar purposes are not subject to restrictions of the Ordinance as long as they are confined in an outdoor fireplace, barbeque grill or barbeque pit lined with non-combustible mterial. Recreational fires that are not so confined must follow the guidlines for fires to burn yard and household waste as summarized below.

Fires to Burn Yard and HouseholdWaste

The following list is representative rather than exhaustive. See the Open Burning Ordinance for a complete and detailed listing of all guidelines and restrictions related to open burning.

  • Must not emit obnoxious odors or heavy smoke

  • Must be tended at all times by somone 18 years old or older

  • Permitted only between sunrise and 11 PM

  • Must be 50 ft from the nearest structure or wooded area and 25 ft from property line. Exception: small fires (3 ft or less in diameter and 2 ft or less in height) can be as close as 25 ft. from structures and wooded areas

  • Adequate means to extinguish the fire must be available at all times burning is taking place

  • All burning shall be conducted in a safe, nuisance free manner when wind and weather conditions minimize adverse effects