Postal Service

The Bear Creek Post Office is located at 131 White Haven Road (just past the Bear Creek Association Clubhouse and Borough Maintenance Shed).

Bear Creek Village is unique among Pennsylvania Municipalities in that the United States Postal Service does not deliver mail to individual homes in the Village. Instead, all mail is delivered to the Bear Creek Village Post Office where each villager has access to a post office box. The Post office is not a federal building and mail is not brought to the Post Office by federal employees. The building was built by and is owned and maintained by the Borough and mail is delivered to the Post Office and picked up by Matt McDade who works under a contract with the US Postal Service.

Matt has been delivering Village mail for over 28 years, and is usually present at the post office building from about 8-9:30 AM and 4:30-4:45 PM daily. In addition to letters, he also delivers parcels. When packages are too big for the PO boxes, they may be left in locked parcel boxes provided that they are small enough to fit in the parcel boxes and there is a parcel box available. Oversized packages and packages in excess of the number of available locked boxes are kept in a locked room behind the row of PO boxes when Matt is not on the premises. Upon written request (that is a note stuck to the locked door), Matt will leave packages that do not fit into the locked boxes on the floor in the open area of the post office for pickup.

The current post office was built in 2001 and opened for business in early 2002. Prior to that, village mail was delivered to a room in the Bear Creek Cafe.